Soccer team banned from league play after assault

Soccer team banned from league play after assault

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A player and his team have been banned from further soccer play in an independent soccer league after a referee was assaulted.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The 17-year old soccer player accused of assaulting a referee has been banned from further play.

And the league president tells ABC 4 Utah the entire team has been banned as well.

“I am in shock,” says Mario Vazquez, the president of Futbol Continental. “Besides a ref he's a friend of mine."

Vazquez was on the field when referee Ricardo Portillo threw out a yellow flag.

“The goalie pushed one of the forwards from the back, they were getting ready for a corner kick,” says Vazquez.

The 17-year old goalie was tagged for the violation and according to Vazquez the 17-year old went after Portillo.

“He was looking down to make his notes,” says Vazquez. “That's when he received his punch.”

He says Portillo sat down on the ground after he was sucker punched.

“He just sat by himself, he didn't faint or drop,” says Vazquez. “He just sat down on the floor and sat on his own.”

But Portillo was later taken by ambulance to the hospital where he remains in a coma.

He says the 17-year old took off running. But Vasquez says someone took down his license plate number.

Vasquez says the team's now banned from playing in their league and the 17-year old can’t play on another team.

He says it was a mutual decision between the league and the coach.

“That team is not playing anymore with us,” he says. “I spoke with the coach and he agreed.”

Vasquez says Portillo is a close friend both on and off the field.

“Right now we need the support for Ricordo and his family,” he says. “And more important pray for him.”

Vasquez says the teams are getting together for a fundraiser in the near future. He says they may sponsor a tournament and all proceeds would go to the Portillo family.

Meanwhile a fund has been set up for the Portillo family. Donations are being accepted at any Chase Bank in the name of Ricardo Portillo #2957138383.



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