Snacks to Curb Any Craving

Snacks to Curb Any Craving

Get snack ideas for help with curbing any craving!
Snacks for Any Craving

Munching between meals can actually reduce your calorie intake by curbing overeating at your next big meal. Snacking is also a good sign that your metabolism is working as it should, burning calories as it should. But there is a wrong and a right way to do it! Jess, Debbie and Keri are here to show some Healthy snacks that can curb any craving you may be having!

Everyone knows what it feels like to have a food craving. It usually comes on suddenly with no warning and can feel like an uncontrollable urge to eat a very specific food. Although occasionally giving in to a craving is good for the soul, food cravings may actually be your body’s way of telling you what it really needs nutritionally. Whether it is sweet, salty, crunch, creamy, power snacking or whatever…you will find a snack here to satisfy that craving.

1. Sweet Tooth
Fruit is a great trick for satisfying a sweet tooth. An apple can always be found close by to anyone of us. But sometimes just reaching for fruit isn’t enough.
 Fruit, cottage cheese or Greek yogurt and a little stevia. (strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew are a favorite) By adding cottage cheese, your snack will be more filling and you won’t get hungry as fast!
 Frozen Red Grapes (try dipping them in Greek yogurt and freezing them.)
 Fruit and Fruit Dip. We have put a few recipes online that can be found here. You can even combine them with some cinnamon tortilla chips!

2. Salt Craving
 Popcorn…not movie theatre butter popcorn. Just plain popcorn with salt. Great snack and for 1 ½ cups it is under 50 calories.
 Endamame with salt.
 Pretzels. This is a go to snack for all of us. But try adding hummus to your pretzels for a more satisfying and filling snack. Or dip your pretzels in salsa.
 Hummus and veggies. We love hummus. It is so packed with nutrition and is easy to make yourself. We have a recipe here.

3. Crunch & Munch
 Veggies & Salsa. A new favorite is Jicama cut like French fries with salsa. Kids love it!
 Apples, celery, etc. with Peanut or Almond Butter.
 Rice Cake or Toast with Peanut or Almond Butter & a little honey! You can even add a little sliced banana or strawberry on top to finish it off!

4. Smooth & Creamy…yet nutritious.
 Green Smoothie…recipes here.
 Laughing cow Cheese on cucumber slices, pretzels or reduced fat crackers.
 Fat free Greek yogurt…great protein, low in calories! They even have fruit flavored options.

5. Power Snacking
 Turkey roll-ups. Turkey slices with spinach or lettuce leaves.
 Protein Power Balls. Recipe can be found here.
 Almonds & dried fruit…sort of a homemade trail mix.

The thing with snacking is to remember that there is a purpose to it. They can give your metabolism a boost in order to burn more calories or give you an energy boost if you feel you are lacking! Snacks will also help you spread out your calories so that you don’t overeat. Also, one other thing to remember…drink lots of water. Sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst, so drink a good cup of water before reaching for any snack!

For these ideas and more, you can visit where they have lots of recipes, tips and tricks. You can also find them on Facebook…Discover Your Happy. Or if you have specific questions, always feel free to send an email to

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