"Pick On This, Make A Change"

"Pick On This, Make A Change"

A group of college students at UVU join forces to stop the bullying epidemic in their community.
Cori Fox, Priscilla Silva and Abraham Hernandez are public relations students from Utah Valley University and they are trying to make a change in their community when it comes to bullying.

This year they are participating in the 2013 PRSSA Bateman Case Study Competition and have been asked to create and execute an anti-bullying campaign in our local community.

About The Campaign
Our campaign is “Pick On This, Make A Change”

As a team they will be educating students parents and teachers from Dixon Middle School and Centennial Middle School about what bullying is, the types of bullying, the long and short-term effects of bullying and how to report and prevent bullying.

Pick On This Steps

Understand what bullying is: There are several types of bullying including physical, verbal, emotional, indirect, and cyber. It is important to recognize the characteristics of these types of bullying so it can be addressed in the proper manner.

Recognize the signs that someone is being bullied: In our research we found things like unexplained injuries, changes in eating habits, lack of friends, and avoidance of specific locations were signs that someone is being bullied. Our goal is to educate our audience about these signs so they can recognize them in their children and students.

Report the bullying to a trusted adult: Our last step emphasizes the importance of reporting bullying to the proper authority. We want to encourage students, parents, and teachers to report bullying to an adult they trust or a school administrator.

How To Contact Them 


You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram  @PickOnThis.

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