New Year Hair Resolution Solutions

New Year Hair Resolution Solutions

Having great hair this new year should be on your resolutions list! Jared Gomez shows us how to get there
Jared's top 4 New Years Hair Resolution Solutions:

#1 Longer, stronger, softer hair.
-Get regular trims!
-Use Kevin Murphy's Yong Again serum daily!
-Don't shampoo daily! If you are a gym goer, RINSE your hair and run conditioner through the ends instead.
-Use a hair/skin/nail supplement in addition to your daily mult-vitamin. Look for Silica, Biotin and Iron.

#2 Try a new style.
-Put down your flat irons!
-Learn how to do a voluminous blow-out with help from your stylist.
-Curling irons are FUN! 1" (for a tighter curl), 1 1/4" (for most hair lengths), 2" (for longer hair).
-If you have curly hair, get a temporary smoothing blow-out. Not unlike the formaldehyde-free smoothing treatments--these just last a few shampoos.

#3 Experiment with Color.
-A "gloss" is a fantastic way to play with the tone or richness of your natural or existing color, with minimal commitment and ultimate condition!
-Tape-in Hair extensions are the best way to play with highlights, low lights or try the ever trendy Ombre without damaging your hair like I-tip extensions or actually having to color your hair! To remove, an all natural citrus oil is used.

#4 Be accountable.
-If you know you get your color re-touched every 6-8 weeks, don't procrastinate! Make your follow-up visit before you leave the salon so you're not clamoring to get into your stylist at the last minute.
- Invest in sulfate/paraben-free products that your stylist recommends. You wouldn't wash cashmere in store bought detergent would you? The same goes for hair product. when you learn HOW to use a luxury product line, you'll find that "less is more" applies here.
By the time you do the math, you're spending MORE money by buying lower end products. Color fading will put back in the salon chair sooner and people tend to overuse budget products overuse them. Smart girls with great hair are twice as sexy!
-Talk to your stylist about budgeting. There's NO shame in setting up a game plan that keeps your hair looking gorgeous without sacrificing in other areas of your budget. Foils aren't necessary every time you visit--sometimes all you need are your re-growth touched up and a clear gloss or conditioning treatment!

Gorgeous Jared @ Image Studios SLC

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