Love Your Body, Be Happy

Love Your Body, Be Happy

Discover Your Happy wants you to commit to loving your body, no matter what size you are!
Love Your Body, Be Happy

We all want to be fit. We want to be healthy. We want to fit in a certain size of jeans or look a certain way come swim suit season. The journey to a healthy and fit you can be hard and full of lots of hard work, discipline and maybe even some restrictions. Sometimes along the way, we get too restrictive, too focused on the end result that we forget to enjoy the moment we are in and to enjoy the journey. We can get too concerned with a number or a pant size that we lose sight of the overall goal of being healthy and happy.

We know we have all been there where we beat ourselves up after a bad choice of food or a sugar binge with girlfriends during a ladies night out, etc. We may want to begin a workout program but forget to “fuel” our bodies correctly to keep up with the workouts. This is the “ugly” side of fitness…when we look past the little accomplishments we have made and want to fast forward to the end.

We at Discover Your Happy want everyone to remember that this is a happy thing. Becoming healthy, helping your family become healthy and active is a happy thing!! So to help, we want everyone to reevaluate where they are on their own fitness journey and join us in taking a “pledge” to be good to yourselves, love yourselves, treat yourselves well and this will help you be happy on your fitness journey. We are all in different places and all need to help and encourage each other! The Biggest Looser recently came out with a list of things to pledge to do…we have come up with a few of our own!

Here is what we are going to ask you to do:

1.Remember that tomorrow is a new day and do not beat yourself up if you eat a sugar cookie, have one too many slices of pizza, have ice cream before you go to bed or whatever it is that you might love to do. Sometimes a good craving fix is good. And the great thing is you can always do better the next day!

2.Stop comparing your body to your friends, family, or complete strangers. Don’t trash your body or complain. Love yourself. This will help you to treat yourself better and your body will respond better to what you put before it.

3.Don’t judge someone by what their body or what they look like. There is so much more to life than what someone looks like. We know the saying “Never judge a book by its cover!” We don’t want to be judged like that, so don’t do it to other people. Everyone is in a different place in their journey…finding out where they are and where they want to be!

4.Make a list of all the amazing things about yourself. On hard days, remember those things. Keep adding to the list as you discover new things!

5.Don’t believe or strive to be what you see on TV or Magazines. Photo shop is real. Airbrushing can do amazing things. This isn’t real…you are! Love what is in front of you and be your best self. Even most people’s family pictures on Christmas cards include some sort of photo shopping.

6.Respect your body by feeding it well. Think of food as fuel…not as an enemy. Have a healthy relationship with food. This will be an amazing relationship for you to invest time in. Workout hard but also get to know your body and listen to it so you know when it needs a break.

7.Remember that everyone has things they want to change. You normally compare your weaknesses against someone else’s strengths…the person who you wish you could be probably has a list just as long as yours of things they would change.

8.Find joy and happiness in the things you are doing! Take time to step out of your normal routine and do something different and fun. We have a great way to do this with some fun runs!!! Some happy events!

We are runners, triathletes, fitness instructors. As well as moms, wives, friends, neighbors. We have found a way for us to find a way to find happiness with our families while doing the things that we love. There are so many new “fun and happy” races all around us! One that we want to invite everyone to come and do with us is The Color Run, This is a race that we plan to do with our families and want you and your families, friends and whomever else to come with us!

What is the Color Run? It is the largest 5K series in the world and it is coming to Salt Lake City on 8/24/13! Also, you can dress up in fun things such as running socks. Proud Runner,, has so many fun socks for any type of event. Also, some fun matching tanks could be worn to show your team spirit. The tanks we have on today are from Show Your Strength ( These are a great way to wear your emotions on your sleeve and show your inner strength to the world!

Tomorrow we will have a giveaway for a “happy” package to bring your family out to the “happiest” run of the year. The package will include some fun socks and other things to help your race be fun!!! For all the details on the pledge, to enter in it with us, and to enter the giveaway, check out or Find us on Facebook at Discover Your Happy!

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