Hearth Magazine

Hearth Magazine

Two sisters are making their dreams come true with Hearth Magazine.
About Hearth Magazine:

•We are two local girls and sisters, who followed our dreams, publishing and financing Hearth Magazine.

•Hearth Magazine is a place where stories are told. Our magazine and online journal features written essays, travel and food photo essays, artist studies, and recipes. We feature writers and photographers from all over the world.

•We are a quarterly, fine art book, printed on thicker paper and perfect bound. Across the world, recently there has been a resurgence of quarterly books and magazines.

•What sets our magazine apart from other quarterly publications.

•This entire project has been financed by Brenda and Tonya. We started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise much needed capital to fund upcoming issues and to pay our contributors.

Visit www.hearthmagazine.com
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