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Vidography captures life in a different way! See why one videographer likes her subjects in motion.
Hailey Devine from Haugen Creative and SomethingDevineBlog.com talks about videography and why it's so important to her!

Why videography, instead of photography?
"I love concept of seeing a photograph move, I got really excited when dslr's installed video... A video the right piece of music makes me all tingly inside!... I wish I could see how my grandparents interacted at a young age, & captured like this"

How long have you been doing this & how did you get started?
"I've spent my whole life behind a video camera, but I've been doing it professionally for about 4 years now. I got started by doing some free projects for friends, to help get my name out there"

What is your favorite part about videography?
"Being able to travel & meet so many people... I also get to spend pretty much everyday with my husband too, so that is a major plus!"

How do you make your client comfortable at a shoot?
"I try to make sure that I meet with the client in person before we go shoot, that way we've established a friendship before the shoot. I make the environment fun & as less serious as possible. I like to go do something the couple enjoys doing together, that way it feels more natural. I just let them know, 'hey you guys, I see people kiss about everyday for my job - there is nothing to be embarrassed about here!"

How do you 'capture the candid'?
"I don't know what it is, but people automatically freeze up in front of the camera, especially if its all up in their face! I usually try to keep a distance after giving basic direction, and just let them play. I've learned that it's almost dangerous to say 'Okay, I'm recording!' - some of the best moments I've captured are when the couple doesn't even realize the camera was rolling."


Our business name is Haugen (pronounced "Hogg-in") Creative. www.haugencreative.com

To see more of what's going on in front *and behind* the camera visit her blog www.SomethingDevineBlog.com

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