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Furloughs direct impact on Utah

HILL AIRFORCE BASE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) Mandatory furloughs for nearly 700,000 Department of Defense employees begins this week.
HILL AIRFORCE BASE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Mandatory furloughs for nearly 700,000 Department of Defense employees begins this week. At Hill Air Force base thousands of civilian employees as well as the surrounding counties are directly affected.

For Michelle Shipley, a 7 year civilian federal employee At Hill she says as a single mom she has had to cut back tremendously. "I got rid of Direct TV, I’ve had to stalk up on food supply, my daughters dance, my sons karate just things like that have been cut back.”

Shipley isn't alone in the cut-backs an estimated 11,000 civilian employees at Hill will be put on furlough until the end of September. Cuts Angie Osguthorpe from the Davis Chamber of Commerce says will directly impact the economy. Osguthorpe says the majority of Hills civilian employees live in Davis County.Therefore less money earned, up to 20 percent, means less money flowing into local businesses. “It has a trickle down effect. Why it might be a $34 million direct impact once you get all that trickle down where if you don't go to a restaurant  then it affects those business owners else. SO it might be up to a 55 million dollar impact on our area,” says Osguthorpe.

That trickle down affect has already started for Shipley who says extra spending on food is just not an option when she is worried about her mortgage and student loans. "The biggest thing that's been hit with me is my student loan. I can't make my student loan payment. I'm concerned about my house payment but I know their going to work with me and I'm hoping everything is just going to work out,” says Shipley.

Across the country furloughs are expected to save $1.8 billion of defense spending only a fraction of the $40 billion that has to be cut.

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