"Ditch Your New Years Resolution" Day

"Ditch Your New Years Resolution" Day

Trainers from Lifetime Fitness talk about staying committed to your health and fitness goals.
Steve Cutler and Presley Okobia from Lifetime Fitness answered some common New Years Resolutions questions:

1. First up, why is it so hard to stick to New Year's Resolutions?
  • New Year's Resolutions are essentially empty promises. They are about as powerful as a three-year old promising to never lie again. We prefer commitments. When you commit to something you've made a promise to make it happen.

2. What are some of the tips and tricks you use to help people stay
  • Share your goals - Tell someone about your plans. Pick someone who will keep you accountable and motivated.
  • Set calendar goals for yourself such as making it past Jan. 17, "Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day", or working out every Wednesday, no matter what.
  • Make your workouts fun by listening to audio books or playing a special workout mix on your iPod.
  • Go to group fitness classes that allow you to have fun while working out. Try a new class each week to avoid getting bored with your routine. There are so many classes to choose from such as Ballet Body Fushion, Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga classes, dance programs, etc.
  • Sign up for group weight loss programs like Life Time Fitness' WeightLoss 90-Day Challenge starting on Feb. 11. Get involved in fitness events like an indoor triathlon or 5K, and take advantage of free training programs.

Interested in learning more about LifeTime's classes and workout programs visit their website at www.lifetimefitness.com

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