Disabled man wants to sue trooper Steed

Disabled man wants to sue trooper Steed

SOUTH SALT LAKE Utah (ABC4 News) - A bike ride got him a DUI courtesy of Lisa Steed
 SOUTH SALT LAKE Utah (ABC 4 News) - Mike Tilt still remembers that day two years ago.

He was just returning from the grocery store and was riding his electric bike home.

But that's when UHP trooper Lisa Steed pulled him over.

"I was on the sidewalk and she said I was going the wrong way," Tilt says. "She also said I failed to give a hand signal. I was like wait a minute."

But it got worse for Tilt. He says Steed kept shining her flashlight on him.

"She kept turning it, flipping it like this," he gestures with his hand. "I guess to make your eyes dilate even more.

Tilt takes medication for his cerebral palsy and he admits it can make him woozy.

And he claims he tried to explain that to Steed but instead, he was ordered to take a field sobriety test.

One of tilt's legs are shorter than the other and he knew he was in trouble.

"I told her there's no way I can pass this test," he says. "I know I won't be able to."

Steed drove him tojail and he admitted he was getting very mad. He claims Steed puts a bag over his head.

"She felt like I was becoming more and more enraged so she put a bag over my head and put me in a solitary cell," Tilt says.

He spent the night in jail and got out the next day. Eventually charges are dropped.

"They sent me a letter apologizing," he says. "They shouldn't have people like Steed on the streets."

He's now happy to see Steed being the one in trouble.

"I'm glad," he says. "I can't wait until they fire her." Tilt says he is in contact with an attorney and would like to sue Steed for putting him and jail and humiliating him.

"I still see my jail picture whenever I google my name," he says.

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