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Diaper Bag Essentials

Mommy blogger Tanelle Lindquist has fifteen essentials every mom should have in her diaper bag.
15 Diaper Bag Essentials:
- Invest in a good diaper bag!
- At least 3 diapers at all times
- Wipes
- Changing pad
- First Aide Kit
- Sanitizer
- Boogie Wipes and or Tissue
- Soap, lotion, baby powder, etc.
- Q-tips
- A clutch for mom with mom stuff. Don't turn the diaper bag into your purse!
- A couple toys
- Snacks
- Pacifier
- Bug spray (during the spring and summer months).
- Sunscreen

For more great ideas from Tanelle, visit her blog: http://www.allthingskidsslc.com/

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