Boy recovers from pit bull attack

Boy recovers from pit bull attack

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A five-year-old who was bitten several times by a pit bull dog is back home, recovering.
WEST VALLEY CITY Utah (ABC 4 News) – A five-year old boy attacked by a pit bull is back home recovering.

On Friday, Andrew Vanderweff was bitten several times by the dog which got out of his kennel.

His mother said Andrew is having a hard time.

“He's waking up all night long crying and screaming in his sleep and I wake him up make sure he's doing okay,” said DeLayna Moffitt.

The boy was riding his bike on the street near his home when the dog attacked him.

"The dog jumped him while he was on his bike and knocked him off his bike and started to attack him," she said. "The dog got his face first that's where most of the damage is to his face and took off his whole cheek.”

Moffitt was inside her home and heard the screams and ran towards her son.

"I just grabbed and when I grabbed him (dog) he dropped to the ground and just looked at me like he knew he had done something wrong,” Moffitt said.

She said Andrew's cheek was nearly ripped off. And there were other bites all around his face and body.

"It’s horrible,” she said. “I mean you buy a pet or get a pet and neglect it and this is what happens.”

Investigators learned its owner was a guest at the home.

The pit bull was staying in a kennel in the driveway.

“I have told him not to come to this property unless we're home,” said the homeowner who identified himself only as Sione.

The homeowner who doesn't own the dog accused the boy of coming into the yard and unleashing the pit bull.

"He was on that leash all day when I left he was on that leash he couldn't have left unless somebody let him out,” he said. “He could not have gotten out.”

But Andrew's mom said after the attack she showed Sione's wife where the dog got out on his own.

"I went back and was showing the lady that lives over there the hole in the fence and the rope and the harness was actually stuck in the hole,” Moffitt said.

The owner of the dog was given several citations by West Valley’s animal services. The owner failed to vaccinate, register and license the dog.

The pit bull was euthanized on Monday and his remains were sent to the state laboratory for analysis.

Meanwhile Andrew’s mom said her son will have to go through several skin grafts and other surgeries related to his recovery. The family has no medical insurance.

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