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Best Fish Tacos

Leslie Smoot, from Real Foods Market, makes Best Fish Tacos
Best Fish Tacos Ever!
¾ lb white fish, halibut or red snapper
pinch paprika                           
8 organic corn tortillas
1 Tbsp.  olive oil, cold pressed
2 limes
cabbage, shredded
Salsa Fresca
creamy salsa
Dice the fish into ½ inch pieces, sprinkle with equal parts salt, pepper and paprika.  Warm tortillas in a heavy frying pan over medium heat.  Wrap in a dry kitchen towel to keep warm.  Place oil and fish in the heated pan.  Stir-fry the fish until cooked.  To serve, begin by spreading the creamy salsa on the tortilla, then add fish, cabbage, salsa fresca and a squeeze of lime.

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