Beat the Boredom of Indoor Training

Beat the Boredom of Indoor Training

Are you sick of the treadmill? These tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your indoor workout.
Beat the Boredom…Indoor Training

Winter is upon us, not to mention the bad air, so it looks like indoor training is what we have to do. Whether it be running, swimming, walking, or whatever…it gets old quick. Why do treadmill workouts feel so deathly dull? Why does the time just drag on and on and on? Jess, Debbie and Keri with Discover Your Happy are here to help us switch things up a bit. They want to take your workout from a dull workout to a full workout!

1) Make yourself comfortable! You may never look forward to a treadmill run, but the right accessories can make it a lot more bearable. Here are a few items we suggest to always have in tote:

 Water Bottle. Stay hydrated. Inside you sweat a lot…so replenish!
 Sweatband. Like we said, you sweat a lot indoors. Say good-bye to that sweat-induced eyeball burn. Anything that will wick the sweat away will work…I use a bandana or visor a lot of the time.
 Hand Towel. Once again, this goes back to getting rid of the sweat. All of these things will help you be more comfortable during your workout.
 Earphones & a good play list. The only thumping we like to hear on the treadmill is that of our music…not your own or another person’s pounding on the machine near you.

2) Train with friends. Training partners are always great to have whether outside or inside. They help keep you accountable, honest and will push you to keep going when you don’t want to!

3) Switch it up. Use the treadmill differently. If you are used to jogging, put the incline all the way up and walk instead. Or try walking backward, sideways, or if you are feeling motivated, try walking lunges. Not only will it be more exciting, but you'll use different muscles and build more strength too.

4) Do interval training. Watching the clock so you can alternate between a few minutes of jogging and a few minutes of sprinting will definitely keep your mind and muscles busy. In addition, interval training is a great way to get your HR up and it can also help you burn fat…who doesn’t want that! So here are a few treadmill interval workouts for you to try… Feel free to adjust the pace as needed just depending on where you are in your fitness.

5) Combine a run with strength exercises. Break up your run by running a mile, doing some sit-ups, squats, etc. and then running again. Speed up your run on those shorter distances to get a little more out of your run and to incorporate some speed and tempo drills. One of our favorite workouts to do to mix it up is the 99 workout! It is a killer, gets your heart rate up and also incorporates running!! Here it
is for you to try out:

By continuing your workout and being consistent, you will be a stronger athlete once the weather warms up and the air clears out to go out and do whatever you want! A great race to set your sights on is a good 5K. We want everyone to come and sign up for this FREE race (Free through the end of February) called the Run of Remembrance. It is located in American Fork and is going to be a blast. For more information visit

If you have specific questions about training or anything, feel free to email us at, visit our website at or find us on Facebook…Discover Your Happy!!

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