A- Z for Anything: Ragnar Survival Guide

A- Z for Anything: Ragnar Survival Guide

Are you ready for Ragnar? Discover Your Happy is giving tips and tricks to help you enjoy your 24 hours of racing.
Relays are the latest fad of running. Who wouldn’t want to come and have an overnight party with 6-12 of their favorite friends? It is a big, old party but remember there is still running involved! Debbie, Jess & Keri from Discover Your Happy was here to give us a few tips on how to make the experience the most enjoyable.

First, let’s touch on training really quick. The best way to prepare for Ragnar is run. Study your profiles and find similar paths to that. You can also try training in the heat of the day. Maybe even mix some two a days in!

Here is your Ragnar Survival Kit:

1.The smell! 24 hours+no shower+running…we will let you think about what that means. You have to come to terms to embrace the smell but to help bring baby wipes, gum, an extra pair of clothes and DEODERANT!

2.No sleep. Really don’t expect to get any more than 2-4 hours of sleep. Bring a coke, Rockstar, something that will help give you a little zap so you are not cranky. And love the fact that you get to run on no sleep!  Have some good music that you can enjoy while running and driving to help get you energized.

3.Clothes. Don’t over pack. The extra bags and items will get annoying after a while of being crammed in a car with extra luggage all around. Bring an extra outfit, some sweatpants, visor, sunglasses and basically the bare necessities.

4.Random Items. Bug spray, sunscreen, Sports Legs, Salt Pills, Body Glide, Foam Roller or Stick, Gu, Chomps, Hand Sanitizer (24 hours of port-a-potties…you WANT this!)

5.Food Suggestions. After 24 hours of running, sitting, running, sitting, running…your appetite gets a little off. Here are some things that may work for you: Cold Pizza, Fritos (salt), Bananas, Pretzels, Bagels, Baked Cheddar Cheese Chips, Recovery Drinks, Gatorade, Almonds, Watermelon and be sure to have plenty of WATER!!!

6.Team Unity. Have team shirts made. When teammates are coming into the exchange, get out of the car and cheer them on. Decorate your cars with team spirit with decorations or window markers. Have a team mascot…that is always a favorite with our team. One fun thing to do would be to wear twinner socks…www.proudrunner.com is an awesome place to find them!

7.Have FUN!!!!

Ragnar Pack List

(Pack everything in a smaller duffle/gym bag. The smaller, the better. And no suitcases allowed! J)

·         Sleeping Bag

·         Pillow & Blanket

·         Headlamp, Safety Vest, Taillight (we will coordinate so you know what one you need to bring.)

·         Visor/Bandana

·         Sunglasses

·         IPod

·         Running Watch

·         Race Belt (if you have one)

·         Chargers for phones, electronics, etc.

·         Cash

·         Stick or Foam Roller.

·         Socks

·         Shoes

·         Ragnar Shirt

·         Comfy outfit

·         Flip Flops

·         Running Attire

·         Change of Running Attire…you will stink if you only have one.

·         Warm Running clothes if running at night. It gets freaking chilly!!!

·         Deodorant (PLEASE…don’t forget this)

·         Febreeze

·         Wipes

·         Sunscreen

·         Chapstick

·         Toothbrush/Toothpaste

·         If showering…anything else you may need.

·         Sports Legs

·         Salt Pills

·         Body Glide or Anti-chaff something

·         NipGaurds for the boys. And girls if you want.

·         Band-aids

·         Water Bottle (nice to have so the others can bring it to you while running)

·         CowBells

·         Ibuprofen

·         Gu, Gels, Chomps, Powerbars, etc. Nutrition while you are running.

·         Any Medications

·         Food

Here are some suggestions:

Fritos, Baked lays (love the Cheddar kind), Gatorade, Water, Recovery/Protein Drinks, Energy crap…whatever you like…you will need it, Swedish Fish, Candy, Crackers, Bagels, Pretzels, Almonds or Nuts, Granola or Granola Bars, Coke, Fruit.


Ragnar will be one of the craziest, funniest weekends of your life. Enjoy it all! Go with the flow and just enjoy the experience. Be prepared with your items but just be sure to soak it all in! If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at contact@discoveryourhappy or visit our website for more helpful tips on races, www.discoveryourhappy.com.

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