A-Z for Anything: Makeup Tips

A-Z for Anything: Makeup Tips

Tips for all of your makeup mishaps!
Make-up Tips
Here are some helpful tips to make your life with make up… much more glamorous instead of treacherous…

Problem: It’s getting hot, you’re face is feeling like it’s an oil slick how can you prevent some of your shine before it even starts?

Solution: Johnson’s Baby Powder (made with Pure Cornstarch) Sprinkle a bit into your face powder before you apply. Baby powder is designed is absorb moisture, so it is perfect to not only help set your makeup, but also keep your face nice, soft and matte for much longer than your face powder alone.

Problem: How do you blend concealer into your skin so it disappears instead of wiping off your foundation?

Solution: Dot it on the area you are focusing on. Using the pad of your ring finger lightly tap it into your skin. Do not rub. Blend it around the area needed. Then apply foundation, being very careful to dab around the area you have just applied concealer. If needed you can lightly dab additional concealor after foundation. Set with powder.

*you want to use your ring finger since it will have the least strength of all your fingers therefore giving you a lighter touch!

Problem: Lipstick tends to bleed and feather even if you use a use a lip liner or your lipstick or gloss fades and you end up with a racing strip lip line.

Solution: Line the outside of your lip with a flesh tone corrector pencil (like Shiseido’s The Makeup Corrector) now with lip liner, line your entire lip, not just the edges with your lip pencil, basically coloring in your lips. Now apply lipstick or gloss and you are good to go.

Problem: Dark eye shadow fallout on your cheeks after you do your eyes and when you wipe away, you end up with little racing stripes!

Solution: Before applying eye shadow, using a large shadow brush, dust on a thick layer of Baby Powder (again the cornstarch type) under your eyes. Apply eye shadow, the excess shadow will fall into your baby powder. When you are done, take a fluffy powder brush and lightly brush it all away.

Problem: You want your lips to look fuller

Solution: Two similar colors of lipstick one light, one dark and a great gloss. Line your lips, just on the outer part of your lip and color in blending color towards center, but don’t color/line the center part of your lip. Apply the darker lipstick with a brush towards the center, but don’t fill in the center. Now with the lighter lipstick fill in the center part of your lip, use the lip brush to blend the lighter color out. Now gloss the whole lip. The lighter toned lipstick in the center will create a fuller look.

Problem: You want your eyes to look bigger and brighter

Solution: Line the inner lower rim of your eye with a white or light flesh tone eye liner pencil. If you have dark eyes, a very light blue will also work It will instantly open up your eyes.

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