7 Halloween Date Ideas

7 Halloween Date Ideas

Relationship Coach Val Baldwin shares seven date ideas that will bring you closer to your significant other... physically and emotionally.
Halloween isn’t just for the kids. Take advantage of this spooky, fun holiday to create a loving, exciting date with your sweetie.

Here are 7 of Relationship Coach Val Baldwin's favorites:

1.Haunted house
Haunted houses, trails of terror, and that all that type of stuff are Halloween traditions. We're lucky here in Salt Lake to have some really well-done haunted houses. This spooky date provides a good opportunity to jump into each other's arms and get into the spirit.

2.Scary movie
Whether you like slasher flicks, gross-outs, or the quiet, suspenseful terror, it's always fun to get freaked out in a dark room around Halloween. Pull out a blanket, turn off the lights, and snuggle up with your guy for a few hours of scares.

3.Shop for Pumpkins and Carve em Up!
Head out to the pumpkin patch with your date and pick up a few good ones for the holiday. You can carve out a masterpiece using fancy tools and designs or just dig in with a few kitchen knives and your imaginations. It doesn't matter as long as you're helping each other out and having fun! Afterward clean off the seeds, stir them with a little melted butter or olive oil, spread out on a cookie sheet, sprinkle salt, and place them in a preheated oven for 30-40 minutes. So good!

4.Ghost Stories Around the Fire
Have fun scaring your friends with ghost stories by firelight in the middle of nowhere! Head out somewhere secluded with another couple or two and take turns telling ghost stories. Each person should be ready with at least one good story or you could bring a book and take turns reading. If this were a movie it would be a great start to all of you being brutally murdered. Have fun!

5.Host a Murder Mystery
This is another fun group date where you all take part in a murder that has happened at the party! All guests play a character and try to pick up on the clues to solve the crime. These can be a lot of fun with the right crowd and if you don't want to host it yourselves companies can be hired to make sure it goes smoothly. Generic kits are available or you can pick up a custom mystery.

6.Make Caramel Apples
Buy a few dozen apples and caramelize them for your friends, neighbors, family, or even as a treat for disadvantaged kids or a retirement home. You can pick up the easy wrap-ons at the store, or melt the caramels yourselves and making them from scratch .

7.Make Decorations for the House
Remember back to when you were a kid and how there was that one mysterious and exciting house that got completely decked out for Halloween? Give that gift to the kids in your neighborhood by scaring the heck out of them! Take some time to put up witches, ghosts, monsters, cobwebs on the trees, jack-o-lanterns, and all the other scary things (sound effects?) that will have them lining up to visit your house on Halloween!

To contact Val, please visit her website: Val Baldwin.
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