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14-year-old boy dies at Scout camp

MOUNT PLEASANT, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A tragic accident at a Boy Scout camp takes the life of a 14-year-old Cedar Hills boy.
MOUNT PLEASANT, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A tragic accident at a Boy Scout camp takes the life of a 14-year-old Cedar Hills boy.

The boy was a counselor in training at Camp Tifie. Around 8 p.m. Tuesday night he was helping some of the other counselor’s in training pick up trash and take it out of the map and away from bears. They were loading the trash onto a truck and trailer when the accident happened.

David Peck, Scout Executive CEO Utah National Parks Council told ABC 4 Utah, "We're still gathering all the information. We do know there were vehicles involved and that it was a tragic accident."

There were advisors and other counselors in training around when the accident happened. They tried to resuscitate the 14-year-old, but it was too late.

Assistant Scout Master for Troop 1197, Jason Hess told ABC 4 Utah, "It was really neat to see how well the boys responded. Obviously they're really emotional about what happened but it's been terrific to see how the boys have rallied around one another, supporting each other."

Just like the law they pledge, these scouts were loyal, helpful and brave. Even after the accident many counselors in training are staying at the camp.

Amy Wengreen is a mother of one of the counselor’s in training. She drove up to the camp after she heard the news. "I think he wants to stay and he here with everyone which I think is a good thing to help each other through it."

The victim’s parents tell the Boy Scouts of America their son loved camp.

"His mother said he couldn't wait to get back to camp every week,” said Peck. “He'd come home on the weekends and he, home with mom and dad, he couldn't wait to get back up to camp."

Boy Scout Council Spokesperson John Gailey said, “We really are proud of his efforts and desires to make a difference in the community by helping scout troops up here at Tifie Scout Camp." 

“This young man is a great example of what a Boy Scout should be,” said Peck.

The 14-year-old was just a couple merit badges away from becoming an Eagle Scout.

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