5 stories of triumph: Team on IMC ‘miracle floor' helps patients regain their lives

MURRAY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) -  It’s been called a miracle floor. It’s where doctors and nurses help patients who have experienced a traumatic injury regain their lives.

The Intermountain Medical Center Neuro Specialty Rehab program has collected many personal stories of triumph among its patients.

It’s the 12th floor at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, where patients find hope. The patient themselves is the most important part of the team.

Brad Holt, of Riverton, has multiple sclerosis. He hadn’t seen a worsening of symptoms for the last two decades.

“For 20 years, it was my number one fear,” said Susan Holt, Brad's wife. 

This past June, that dreaded day arrived.

“It was scary because you didn’t know," said Brad. 

“The day we knew eventually would come was frightening," said Susan. 

“I was paralyzed on my whole left side,” said Brad. 

Brad had suffered a severe MS flare up. It was traumatic episode that left him in a wheelchair and with a feeding tube.

That’s when Brad arrived at Intermountain Medical Center Neuro Specialty Rehabilitation Center. Kimberly Sizemore took him through a grueling four hours of rehab a day, six days a week.  He learned to walk again, to feed himself and regain movement in his hand.

“He's doing amazing huge difference from the first day he walked onto our floor,” Sizemore.

“From that day on we were together we weren’t apart at all,” said Susan. 

“I’m improving every day,” said Brad.

 “It is very rewarding to see people in the condition you see them come in walk out of here literally and some not even able to move when they come to our floor,” said Sizemore.

Intermountain Medical Center’s Neuro Specialty Rehab Program sees patients who have suffered a variety of problems:

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Stroke neurological impairments
  • Amputations
  • Multiple fractures

To learn more about the program visit https://intermountainhealthcare.org/locations/intermountain-medical-center/medical-services/brain-and-spine-care/treatments/therapy-and-rehabilitation/neuro-specialty-rehabilitation-center/.

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