Stocking Stuffer Ideas from It's A Glam Thing

Stocking Stuffer Ideas from It's A Glam Thing

Best selling stocking stuffers for anyone in your family.
It’s a Glam Thing Dawn McCarthy presents best selling “holiday stocking stuffers” and gifts for this holiday season and the next one too! Here are some of her favorite finds.

Aromasense Luxury Shower Head by Opus International is a truly unique stocking stuffer especially for an extra large stocking! It’s a shower head that conserves water and with replenishing Vitamin C. The shower head provides a luxurious spa-inspired jet feeling for a perfect shower! Features:
Vitamin C – promotes healthier skin and hair
Aromatherapy – the use of aromatic natural oils revitalizes mind and body
Water Saving – reduces water consumption up to 25%
Negative Ions – generates up to 420,000 negative ions/cc
Water Pressure – 1.5 times higher water pressure than well branded shower heads

Silk Feet is a new generation of foot care products designed to provide fast, effective treatment to eliminate dry, dead skin cells from an individual’s foot; producing the most effective smoothing results available in a single application.

It’s a Bladeless Exfoliating Microscreen designed to quickly remove dry, callused skin revealing smooth, healthy skin beneath. The oval shape and flexible design adapt to the contours of the foot for professional results in minutes.

The Brain Health Hope-Knot by Mark Lash Fine Jewelry can be worn by men and women to remind us all of the women in our lives – our mother, daughter, sister, partner or best friend – and how much we depend on their memories and insights. The Women’s Brain Health Initiative wanted an icon to raise awareness and escalate concern over the unchecked growth of dementia and other aging brain diseases in women. They hoped the symbol would to be memorable. Mark Lash has designed the memorable Hope Knot in pieces like cuff links, necklaces and pins.

What’s new in skincare? DermaBlue Acne Therapy Penlight combines powerful bacteria-killing blue light with gentle, focused heat to heal and prevent acne breakouts for clear, smooth, beautiful skin. DermaBlue Acne Therapy kills acne bacteria on the skin and under the skin, without resorting to the mess of topical treatments or the expense of oral, prescribed medication. Give your acne the blues… Eradicate blemishes and acne breakouts with the benefits of blue light in your own home! It’s small and compact for a perfect stocking stuffer for the healthy beauty conscious family member or friend.
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You can get the watch lovers on the radar with Radar Watches. Their mission is to create change…1 watch at a time. Radar Watches offer innovative interchangeable designs that allow you to create your own watch color combinations. You can rock the Radar with your own custom colors, by interchanging the watch face and wrist band components.

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