Motion Med

Motion Med

If you are living with knee pain, there is an option besides surgery. Let Motion Med take your pain away.
Motion Med is a local company that works with physicians and physical therapists to help patients avoid surgery for knee pain.

25 million people are suffering from osteoarthritis in the United States right now.  That's mainly because in our current lifestyle, we don't get a lot of physical activity.  The muscles and tendons in the leg get tight.  It is a degenerative condition where the cartilage breaks down from lack of lubrication. The smooth surfaces become brittle.

Motion Med uses an injection to lubricate the knee.  It is not painful, and it acts as an anti-inflammatory.  And, it has a 90-percent success rate.  The procedure is FDA approved and covered by most insurance plans.

It can work for knee pain other than osteoarthritis as well.

If you have knee pain, Motion Med offers a free consultation.  You can find out about programs they have available and make an appointment with one of the doctors to find out the cause of your pain.

If you have stiffness, loss of range of motion or any kind of pain make your appointment today!

Motion Med is located in Salt Lake City at 821 East 400 South.  (801) 590-0868  For more information, please visit: Motion Med.
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