10 Surprising Things Insurance Covers

10 Surprising Things Insurance Covers

Rolayne Fairclough from AAA Utah, discusses some unusual things that you may not realize your insurance covers.
Rolayne Fairclough from AAA Utah talks about some unusual things your insurance may cover.

Dog Bites. In 2012, dog bites accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance paid liability claims nationwide, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). While liability related to dog bites is covered in some AAA homeowners policies, some breeds are excluded, so check your policy.

Lightning Strikes. Lightning strikes racked up nearly $1 billion nationally in insured losses in 2012, according to III. Homes partially or entirely destroyed by lightning-caused fire are not the only items that may be covered by your homeowners policy. Damaged electronic equipment like computers, high definition and plasma TVs, and refrigerators could be covered. Lightning also strikes autos, causing fires or destruction to their electrical systems, both of which may be covered by your comprehensive policy.

Identity Theft. Every year millions of people are victims of identity theft. With an endorsement, your AAA Insurance will cover identity theft expenses up to a predetermined limit. These expenses include reasonable attorney fees, earnings lost because of the time you had to take off to resolve the issue, and reapplication fees for loans denied because of incorrect credit information.

Spoiled Food. In a power outage, the contents of your freezer and refrigerator could spoil. This may be covered by your homeowners policy, but the amount will likely vary from state to state.

Student Possessions. With an endorsement, the possessions of your children, who are students and live in a college dorm, can be covered. However, if they live in an off-campus apartment they must buy their own renters insurance.

Volcano Damage. Your homeowners and auto policies may cover damage caused by a volcanic eruption. Damage to your home or car could include ash, dust or a lava flow, fire, or airborne shockwaves. Your homeowners policy will not cover damage to your home from earthquakes, floods, or mudslides that result from the eruption. However, damage to your car caused by those three things may be covered by your auto policy.

Spacecraft or Airplane Crashes into House. Although it seldom happens, airplanes, especially small private planes, occasionally crash into homes. The damage done may be covered. And in the very rare chance that a spacecraft should ever hit your home, that may be covered too.

Exploding Factories. Check your policy. Explosions may be covered under a fire loss on your policy. Explosions and fire can be caused by anything from a gas leak in your home to a local factory or a passing truck.

Riots. Riots, although uncommon, do happen. A homeowners policy may cover damage to your home caused by rioting. A homeowners or renters policy could cover theft of or damage to your possessions. If you have comprehensive auto insurance your car may be covered for damage as well.

Legal Representation for Car Accidents. If you are involved in an automobile accident and determined to be at fault, you risk being sued by anyone who claims to be injured. Although many people may think they will have to hire their own lawyers, legal help may be covered with your auto policy.

To find out more about homeowners, condo or renters insurance, call your AAA agent or (800) 922-8228 to see what discounts you may be eligible for and what type of coverage you might need.

AAA Utah offers a wide array of automotive, travel, insurance, DMV, financial services and consumer discounts to more than 179,000 members. AAA has been a leader and advocate for the safety and security of all travelers since it was founded more than 100 years ago.

For more information, please visit: AAA Utah.
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