2 bodies found at embattled plastic surgeon's home

2 bodies found at embattled plastic surgeon's home

OREM, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Police say two bodies were discovered at the home of Joseph Berg, a plastic surgeon who was convicted on kidnapping and drug charges in April.
OREM, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Police say two bodies were discovered at the home of Joseph Berg, a plastic surgeon who was convicted on kidnapping and drug charges in April.

Orem Police spokesperson Craig Martinez confirmed that the bodies were found at Dr. Joseph Berg's home on 479 East 1450 North.

Martinez confirmed that one of the bodies was Berg, while the identiy of the woman was not known.

"There was no obvious signs of death," Sgt. Martinez says.

When asked if it was a drug overdose, Sgt. Martinez says investigators will not know until an autopsy is performed.

A young man who claims he rents a room at the Berg home was visibly shaken when he approached the house.

"I just talked to them and I came home late last night," Dillon Ashy says. "I didn't see or hear them when I left this morning.  I knew he was having financial problems and (the woman) was like a mother to me."

A short while later former relatives of Berg gathered outside the police perimeter. They claim to be in-laws of Berg's former wife.

"You kind of expected it," says Russ Allen. "He's had problems beyond this. There's alot more problems than what happened here. It's been leading up to this for a long time."

A pool man who was denied access to the home says Berg didn't own the home anymore.  He says the new owners were remodeling the home and planned on moving in shortly.

Other former relatives paralleled the pool man's statements.  The former relative told ABC 4 News that Berg returned home from jail Thursday to learn that the bank had repossesed the home and sold it.
Berg, a former Utah County plastic surgeon was sentenced to 6 months in jail for kidnapping and drug charges on April 23.

Berg pleaded guilty to second degree felony kidnapping stemming from a 911 call made by his girlfriend who had allegedly been tied up in a closet in December.

Berg pleaded guilty to the second degree felony kidnapping charge which had previously been first degree offense.

Berg also pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance and to possession of gun by a restricted person.

An assault charge and a lessor weapons charge were dismissed.

But the deputy Utah County Attorney tells ABC 4 News Berg was released from jail Thursday after serving four months of his jail sentence.

He got out Thursday which was right on schedule for behaving himself in jail and I never heard otherwise so I assume thats why he got out early," says Craig Johnson.

Johnson says an inmate can earn one day credit for every two days in jail for good behavior.

Berg was charged In November with kidnapping and assault, and court documents named his live-in girlfriend as the victim.

During the 911 call, Berg's girlfriend remained silent even after repeated attempts by the dispatcher to get her to respond.

The 911 recording revealed other voices, along with prolonged screaming and crying from someone in the background. Investigators later learned that the woman was allegedly being abused.

Dispatchers traced the phone call to an address in Orem.

A friend of the alleged victim later told ABC 4 that Dr. Berg was hitting the woman, grabbing her hair and dragging her through the house.

The friend told ABC 4 that Berg taped the victim's hands together and taped her to a bedroom dresser.

Police say Berg eventually placed the victim in a closet, where she made the silent phone call.

Some sounds from the 911 call to sound like duct tape being unwrapped.

Officers eventually made a forced entry into Dr. Berg's home and went from room to room looking for the source of the screams.

Police found Berg hovering over a woman taped up in a closet.

Berg was arrested and the girlfriend was treated at a local hospital.

Since the November incident, Berg lost is license to practice. The state’s Division of Occupation and Professional Licensing revoked his license. His cosmetic practice is no longer in business.

In addition to the jail sentence, Berg was also ordered to pay over $1,200 in fines.

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