You've Been Hacked! It's Happened To Half Of All Americans

And it's happened in just the last 12 months. Experts say hackers are getting more sophisticated and they are stealing all of your personal information!
 - Along with half of all Americans, your personal information has probably been stolen!  In the last twelve months hackers have been hard at work and experts say they are getting more sophisticated...and they say it's the fall out from living our lives on line.

 - Plus, what would you do if your daughter lied to you to try and earn money for plastic surgery?  It happened to one celebrity mom...

 - And grandma baby showers...they are apparently the next big thing in parties!  Grandmas say why not have a party to celebrate and get those must have items for when mom drops off the kids!

 - Finally, can you spell?  Kids at the national Scripps Spelling Bee sure can!  We put our hosts to the test...
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