Would You Get The Flu For Cash?

You get a high fever, chills, aches and body pain for two weeks. The flu is awful, but would you consider getting infected for 3,000 dollars cash?
 - If you hate getting sick, then don't apply.  But if you are alright getting this season's nasty flu and spending nine days in the hospital, you could earn 3,000 dollars cash!  Is it worth it?

 - A brand new bra is making waves this morning... it actually falls off if it detects that you are in love with someone?!  Is it ridiculous or an experiment in true love?

 - And ahhh the many uses of duct tape!  One pilot used it to patch up his plane after it was attacked by a bear.  Did it still fly?

 - Finally, feel good stories are pouring in from the South this morning after the area was pummeled by snow.  One man used Facebook to help a pregnant woman find her way home after being stranded on the freeway.  
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