Will You Try The New Hot Haircut Of 2014?

Jennifer Aniston did the cut last year, Kristen Wiig is rockin' the hot hair do this year. Get out your scissors! The sleek bob is making a huge comeback.
 - The Golden Globes are coming up this weekend and they are known as the "less stuffy" award show.  The celebs will be eating while watching.  So what will they be eating you say?  Chefs are spilling menu secrets this morning!

 - What freezes when it gets this darn cold?  Even toilet water isn't safe... we have the pictures!

 - And if you are stuck inside, how do you keep germs away from your family?  We have tips on preventing the flu!

 - Finally, if you are wanting a new you this new year, look no further than Kristen Wiig's hot hair cut.  Will you rock this sleek, sassy bob in 2014? 
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