Will This Graphic Video Get You To Stop Texting & Driving?

Have you seen them? The new videos that are supposed to scare you into putting down your phone in the car. Do they go too far?
 - How do you feel about the new videos designed to get you to stop texting and driving?  They are graphic, they are violent, but will they get you to put down your phone in the car?

 - Dancing With The Stars had a guest judge that we all love last night, Julianne Hough!  AND the big partner switch!  What did you think about the show?

 - Has social media gone too far this time?  More moms are hiring professional photographers to come into the delivery room... would you?

 - And finally, Barbara Walters has announced her last day on The View.  It's sooner than we all thought, what will television be like without her?
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