What? Socks & Sandals Are A Fashion Yes??

Say it isn't so! Fashionistas are predicting the return of socks with sandals, saying it's a great way to transition from season to season.
 - Are you more stressed at home or at work?  A new study says Americans are struggling to multi-task and that happens most often in the home!

 - Plus, socks and sandals are back!  It's upsetting, I know, but fashionistas like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen say it's a great way to transition from spring to summer. (no! just no.)

 - A all the single ladies have been putting their hands up for years now...but where are all the single men?  Apparently there are two hot U.S. locations!

 - And a new movie out this weekend is all about the villain not the princess...how on earth did makeup artists transform the beautiful face of Angelina Jolie?   
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