What Are The Top Baby Names for 2014?

The most popular baby names and the newest pregnancy trends. Grandma shower anyone?
Google has done it again! They unveiled a contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears....it can potentially help diabetics who have to prick their fingers multiple times a day.

Utah schools are using pep rallies and Kindergarteners to boost graduation rates! The kids get to take a field trips to their local high school and get excited about the chance they have to graduate.

Top Baby Names of 2014: 
1 Liam
2 Noah
3 Ethan
4 Mason
5 Aiden
6 William
7 Elijah
8 David
9 Logan
10 Jacob

1 Olivia
2 Emma
3 Ava
4 Mia
5 Sophia
6 Isabella
7 Charlotte
8 Amelia
9 Lily
10 Abigail

Grandma Showers and techy baby products are a few pregnancy trends we are seeing this year!

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