What Are The Top Baby Names for 2014?

What Are The Top Baby Names for 2014?

The most popular baby names and the newest pregnancy trends. Grandma shower anyone?
Google has done it again! They unveiled a contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears....it can potentially help diabetics who have to prick their fingers multiple times a day.

Utah schools are using pep rallies and Kindergarteners to boost graduation rates! The kids get to take a field trips to their local high school and get excited about the chance they have to graduate.

Top Baby Names of 2014: 
1 Liam
2 Noah
3 Ethan
4 Mason
5 Aiden
6 William
7 Elijah
8 David
9 Logan
10 Jacob

1 Olivia
2 Emma
3 Ava
4 Mia
5 Sophia
6 Isabella
7 Charlotte
8 Amelia
9 Lily
10 Abigail

Grandma Showers and techy baby products are a few pregnancy trends we are seeing this year!

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