Veggie And Fruit Smoothies For School Kids? Yes, Please!

One elementary school says it's the best way to get students to try healthy foods...throw them all in a blender!
 - It may just be brilliant!  An elementary school is putting fruit and veggies in smoothies to get students to try healthy foods!

 - And Kentucky Derby fans there is an event for you here in Utah this weekend.  Troy and Kim Fischer are hosting the benefit that you can get all gussied up for... get out those derby hats!

 - Plus eating healthy doesn't have to cost more, or does it?  An investigation into what goes into your cart tonight on ABC4 news at 6 and 10.

 - Finally, cat lovers rejoice!  If you are in the mood for food, coffee and felines NYC just opened it's first Cat Cafe!  The line to get in was over two hours... 
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