Utah Prom Queen Making National Headlines 3/20/14

This story is getting attention for all the right reasons. Riverton High School is proud this morning of their new Prom Queen AND of the girl who gave up that crown...
 - How often should you be washing your jeans?  Your duvet cover?  Are you on top of all your washing instructions?

 - Flappy Birds is coming back!  Gamers rejoice, the creator says he doesn't know when, but the uber popular game will definitely be re-released soon.  Was it all a ploy to generate even MORE attention??

 - And Riverton's Prom Queen is extra special this year.  The story behind the crowning will inspire you to be a better person :)

 - And finally, are you one of those people that CRAVE a good sale?  A JCPenney employee says he was fired for blowing the whistle on that company's fake mark ups and then mark downs that lure customers in but don't deliver.
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