Utah mom blogger says her photos were stolen

The story is now making national news. The Utah mom says she has some 3,000 photos on line and now some of them have ended up, without her permission, on a porn site!
 - A Utah mom blogger says her photos have ended up on a porn site!  How did it happen and could it happen to you?  Experts say the best protection is prevention.

 - Would you pay for a full time nanny on your vacation?  More and more couples say yes!  But it will cost you...

 - And Juan Pablo is now saying that he loves Nikki.  Okay, not really.  But he did post a song that says I love you with pictures of her being shown while it plays in the background...?  What will he do next???

 - And 1500 dollar socks?! Yes, you can buy those and no, there aren't diamonds in the toes!
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