Use Your Brain to Burn Fat

Are you making one of these common mistakes when it comes to your health and weight loss goals?
Use Your Brain to Burn Fat
3 Common mistakes that cause plateaus and then the things that will keep the progress coming

Plateau #1 -
  • Too much of a decrease in calories, we've all heard it but people KEEP DOING IT!
  • Calories DO need to be decreased to lose weight, but viewers need to determine THEIR calorie needs... not what worked for their neighbor.
  • Estimate metabolism and create a 20% deficit
  • Total Health and Fitness will measure your metabolism for FREE
Plateau #2- You shouldn't get "good" at it!
  • Your body adapts to the exercises you do in only a few weeks
  • Change up MULTIPLE variables in your routine every couple of weeks
Plateau #3- You are doing too good of a job!
  • Weight loss and an increase in fitness level require your body to be more efficient. It takes less energy to carry 140lbs up the stairs than the 160 you used to be!
  • Rather than continuing to cut calories, focus on an increase of what you do burn
  • HIIT training and resistance training will have your body burning fat long after you leave the gym

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