The Sunglasses That Are Causing An Uproar On Twitter 3/12/14

It's the name that's making everybody mad. Two designers have decided to call one of their slimmer designs Anorexxy.
 - It's the sunglass design that's making everybody mad on Twitter, and rightfully so!  Two designers have decided to name one of their slimmer styles Anorexxy.  And this morning they are defending the name.

 - Would you trade in your engagement ring for a house?  More and more couples are saying, yes!  And putting off bling for a down payment.

 - And what does your breath say about your health?  Troy has the smells that may mean you are sick?

 - Plus, this is a company to follow!  A California fashion company is using models that are definitely "smarties"!  Only women with PhD's need apply to be in their latest fashion photographs.
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