Sally Jesse Raphael Dishes On Her Worst Interview 4/07/14

We've all had them, those rough interviews that just feel like you are pulling teeth. But Sally Jesse says on her worst interview she needed a gas mask!
 - One of the stars of the movie the The Blind Side was booted off a flight for his weight.  He is now calling the humiliating experience a wake up call.

 - Country music took over Vegas last who walked away with top honors?  Hint... if you love George Strait it was a good night :)

 - Get your gently used clothes out and ready!  Bingham High School has a fundraiser coming up that you will want to be involved in!

 - Sally Jesse Raphael interviewed thousands of guests during her talk show days, and now she's spilling it!  So who was her worst interview of all and why?  Her answer might surprise you!
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