Ride Around Downtown SLC on GREENbikes

Find out how these green bikes are making it easier to get around downtown Salt Lake City.
If you need a quick way to get around downtown Salt Lake, we've got you covered! It is called GREENbike or SLC Bike Share.

Essentially users are sharing bikes. A $5 pass gives you access to all bikes and all stations for 24 hours. Members can take any bike, from any station, as many times as they like for a 30 minute period which is plenty of time to get anywhere you might need to go downtown. Plus, every time you dock a bike, you get a fresh 30min.

You can either buy a 24-hour Access Pass, 7-day or Annual Membership.

Instead of renting one specific bike, like a bike rental, your GREENbike Membership gives you access to all the bikes at every downtown Bike Share station.

If you're not riding your GREENbike, don't chain it up somewhere or keep it in your office. Return your GREENbike to any Bike Share station so someone else can take a ride.

For prices and information on where the bike stations are located visit their website at greenbikeslc.org

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