Mom Goes Into Labor Expecting 3 Babies & Gets 4!

She went into labor several weeks early with doctors telling the Mississippi mom to expect three identical baby girls. But there was more...
 - Happy President's Day!

 - One woman is celebrating the holiday with 4 identical baby girls!  The quads were born over the weekend after doctors had told the Mississippi mom to expect triplets... whoops!  Here's one more!

 - It was a big awards show weekend!  The BAFTA awards are always right before the Oscars and can sometimes point to who will walk away with statuettes on the big night!

 - And a Valentine's Day proposal gone to the dogs, literally!  The groom went all out for this one...

 - And finally, if you've been missing all the fun and frustration of playing Flappy Birds, Sesame Street has your cure.  They've come up with a new game called Flappy Bert.  But will it ease the pain of missing the hugely popular app?
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