Matthew Shows You How to Get Great Hair in Your 60's

Matthew Shows You How to Get Great Hair in Your 60's

60's are a great time for you and your hair! Matthew explains how to make the most of it....
60s are a great time for hair. Your hair begins to stabilize after the hormonal changes your body has been going through, so it's a great time to learn to love the hair you have and not the hair you used to have.

Hydration and volume are important for your hair. It's a good time to back off shampooing every day and stripping your hair of important natural oils. A good dry shampoo will refresh your hair between washes.

Though no one is saying you can't have long hair, a shoulder-length cut or something shorter can give your hair more life and swing.

Consider lighter colors to camouflage grey or to soften fine lines in your skin. If you decide to embrace the grey, there are shampoos and salon treatments to brighten the silver in your hair.
                                                -Matthew Landis

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