Johnny Depp Wears A Man-gagement Ring, Would You? 3/21/14

Is the Hollywood A-Lister starting a trend that the average man will follow? He was spotted with a ring on THAT finger over the weekend...
 - Will Johnny Depp start a brand new trend??  The Hollywood A Lister was spotted sporting a "man-gagement" ring over the weekend with his new finance.

 - Twitter is celebrating!  The hugely popular social media giant is turning 8 years we took a look back at some of our very first tweets!

 - And should schools send home a letter if your child is in the danger zone for obesity?  One mom says it made her daughter develop an eating disorder.

 - And finally, gum sales are going down?  Why no chewing?  Experts say with mints and candy everywhere you turn, customers have too many other choices.  
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