Jars For Style and Function

Jars For Style and Function

Looking for an easy way find a decoration that is both useful and stylish? Look no further--Apothecary jars are the answer to your question!


Apothecary jars are the perfect combination of style and functionality. There are so many amazing ways to use apothecary jars and Alexis Crockett from Rod Works visited GTU Friday to show us just a few of the endless possibilities.


Apothecary jars are not only fun for décor but also a beautiful way to organize items in your home. Having different styles, sizes, even colors of jars will bring unique personality to your interior decoration. Filling your jars can be as easy as adding cotton balls and q-tips for your bathroom or making a mini atrium to house an entire ecosystem!  When you’re ready for a change just pop your jars in the dishwasher and start all over again. Apothecary jars are worth every bit of the investment, and collecting them will always be a smart move.


Don’t miss the Labor Day sale at Rod Works this weekend! Let them help you pick out the perfect jar and filler!

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