Healthy Finances Mean a Healthy Credit Score

Healthy Finances Mean a Healthy Credit Score

Having better finances is more than saving and spending less, it's about your credit! Ike is here to explain...
This is the time of year that people start realizing they have failed at their new year's resolutions. Whether it be working out,eating healthy or picking up a new hobby, its hard to commit and follow through. One resolution that we should clearly stick to is taking care of our finances.Most people think that finances are working more,spending less and saving more.

There is an important part of finances that people don't think of and that's our credit score. Our credit score controls everything today. We need to pay close attention to it, in case of identity theft,inaccuracies, or inaccurate information.

Now is a good time to pay attention to your score before most people make the big ticketed purchases in the middle of the year. When summer comes about, bigger purchases are being made whether its a car or even a home, Its critical to make sure your're credit score is in good shape before purchasing these items.

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