Forget Frumpy, 50 Is Frisky!

Forget Frumpy, 50 Is Frisky!

Brad Pitt, Michelle Obama, Sandra Bullock...big name celebrities are turning 50 this year. And new studies say five decades in, life is better! Do you agree?
 - Don't forget to watch the show Mondays and Wednesdays then register to play on-air Trivia with us!  Tomorrow's winner gets free groceries!

 - A new study says 50 is frisky not frumpy!  How do you feel about that BIG it fabulous?

 - Plus, blondes not only have more fun, people are nicer to them?  Brunettes do not like this article...:)

 - And our best pics of the weekend, you don't need instagram to see these photos!

 - And speaking of Instagram, have you seen the page dedicated to braids?  If your handi-work makes the page, your skills are braid-tastic!

 - Finally, it's viewer appreciation day at Hogle Zoo!  Don't forget to print off your coupon on our website today!
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