Enjoy the Fragrances of Inkling Scents

100% oil fragrances and beautiful bottles....get mom some perfume for Mother's Day!
Inkling Scents are fragrances for men, women and unisex. They are 100% oil, so no alcohol or synthetics. Commercial perfumes are 90% alcohol so there's a burst of initial, overpowering fragrance, but it evaporates quickly.  
  • The essential oils have proven health properties and the oil doesn't evaporate, so the scent absorbs into your skin and lasts throughout the day. Also, people with allergies or sensitivities generally don't react to our products.
  • We offer 16 main scents; 9 for women, 7 for men and 1 unisex fragrance. 
  • Our most popular women's scents are Tigress, which has tiger orchid and Indonesian patchouli and tends to fit someone fun and flirty, and Embody, which has bergamot, mandarin and vetiver in it. It's perfect for the more mature, elegant woman. 
  •  The men's line is a lot of fun - the most popular scents are Fathom, Smoke and Raffish. Fathom has mint, lemon and cedarwood in it - it's very fresh and cooling. Smoke is kind of opposite with a base of amber, leatherwood,tobacco and oakmoss - very deep and rich. Raffish is for the playful scamp - it has lavender, orange blossom, cinnamon, amber and tonka bean in it. 
  •  But interestingly enough, the unisex scent, Unify, is our most popular one. It has grapefruit, black current, cedar wood and Lily of the Valley. It's neutral enough to be worn by both genders, but it's smooth and unmistakable.
Visit  www.inklingscents.com to order your bottle today!
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