Dads Demand Restroom Changing Tables

Dads Demand Restroom Changing Tables

Why do men's bathrooms not have changing tables? California dads are trying to change all that, they want potty equality!
 - New ABC singing show now on the air and it's a huge hit!  Did you see it?

 - California dads want changing tables in men's restrooms... will men actually use them?  We ask our resident dad Glenn Wiley to weigh in!

 - And new maps are out this morning that show an interesting snapshot of America.  Which states get the most sleep?  Who has the longest commute?  And where do we watch the most tv?  

 - And can shopping be bad for you?  A new study says it could be damaging your wrists... (I'll take my chances!)

 - Finally, social media is blowing up over the World Cup!  Have you been tweeting?
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