Cupcakes 24 Hours A Day? Yes, Please! 3/27/14

The city that never sleeps finally got cupcakes that are available at any time! NYC just got it's first Sprinkle's ATM, and it's sweet!
 - How sweet it is!  Sprinkles just installed an ATM in NYC that promises delicious cupcakes 24 hours a day... my only question is, when is it coming to SLC???

 - And the Princeton Mom is stirring up controversy again, what did she say this time?

 - Plus selfies can take a dangerous turn when they become addictive, one teen was posting up to 200 a day!

 - And speaking of selfies, runners say please don't take them during 1/2 marathons!  One woman was posting pics during the NYC Half of good looking men running next to her... whoa!  Watch out for that pothole!
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