Coming up Tuesday

Learn simple self defense moves that can get you out of a dangerous situation
Coming up Tuesday on Good Things Utah

Our Spy Escape master is back! He will be teaching you a few simple self defense moves, including how to get out of a bear hug if someone tries to take you from behind or how to escape if someone tries to choke you..these easy tricks could save your life!

Plus not all weight loss programs address the underlying issues of why you aren't shedding the pounds...see why hormones are usually the culprit and how you can find real help.

And West Point Eye Center wants to give two deserving mothers a free eye exam and complete pair of prescription glasses..

Take a trip to Heber Valley and stop by Juniper Grill...we have a Red Wedges recipe you won't want to miss.

We hope you join Gretchen, Nicea and Troy at 9!
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