Blogger gets death threats after anti-mom post

It was just 400 words, but the author is now afraid for her life. The blogger wrote that she is sick of wives and mothers who "do nothing" getting applauded.
 - A blogger is now in hiding after posting an anti-wife and mother essay.  The woman writes that she is sick of applauding stay at home moms who "do nothing".  Is the post for attention?  She is sure getting a lot of it this morning, and it's all negative.

 - Does your bra fit?  Most of us have to answer no!  In fact 80-90 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra right now, so how do you know?  Gretchen has fit tips!

 - Alta High School hosted Dancing With the Hawks last night and Nicea got to be one of the judges.  She got her dancing fix and helped the Hawks raise money for Make A Wish.

 - Bachelor alum Brooks back on the show this morning dishing on the latest episode of the hit show last night.  What did he think about the women who were sent packing?
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