Authors Tell YOU What to Read

Authors Tell YOU What to Read

Choosing what to read can be difficult, and finding a good book recommendation is not easy! Who better to recommend a book than a writer? Find out what authors from different genres think you should be reading!

Having trouble picking a good book? Your search is over! Alicia Cunningham joined Jessie on set today to share a few book recommendations from leading authors. Alicia asked the authors to recommend their favorite books from the genera they write in.

ROMANCE: Alicia asked Julianne Donaldson (author of "Edenbrooke" and "Blackmoore") to share her favorite romance novel. Her pick? "The Blue Castle" by L.M. Montgomery. That's right. The author of "Anne of Avonlea" wrote a funny romance, and it's Julianne's favorite.

FUNNY & FUN: Alicia's favorite light and fun author is Jennifer Griffith. Jennifer specializes in 'Cotton Candy for the Soul' books, and she loves Janette Rallison. Her favorite Rallison book is "How To Take the Ex out of Ex Boyfriend".

MYSTERY: Alicia found mystery writer Heather Webber for a mystery recommendation. Her mysteries are also full of humor and romance. To me, she is perfection in a paperback. Her pick? "The Charmed Pie Shoppe" mysteries by Ellery Adams. Mystery, romance with a touch of magic.

ACTION: Alicia's book club loved "The False Prince" trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen. Her action pick? Robin LaFevers’ “His Fair Assassin” Trilogy. Each book tells the individual stories of 15th Century French nuns who are trained as assassins in the service of Death himself.

GREAT FICTION: This month Alicia's book club is reading "The Rent Collector": the uplifting story of a mother who tries to find her way out of a Cambodian dump by learning how to read. Author Camron Wright loves Nick Hornby and especially his book "High Fidelity". Wright said "his dialogue is so spot on it makes me jealous."

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