Are Child Harnesses Helpful Or Harmful? 4/1/14

Are Child Harnesses Helpful Or Harmful? 4/1/14

The debate is happening again, one Chicago mom says she's tired of being judged by other parents for putting a harness on her small children at the park.
 - Happy April Fool's Day!

 - Billy Dee Williams leaves Dancing With The Stars after a back injury slows him down.  Who's dance did you love last night?

 - Child harnesses are being debated again in social media.  As parents, do you think they are helpful or harmful for your kids?

 - Gretchen has a drain life saver!  How she gets hair out of the sinks at her house...

 - And high rollers get ready to get on the new Las Vegas high roller Ferris Wheel.  It's the biggest in the world and gives you an amazing view of the Strip.  So would you try it?
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