Willard Bay opens after diesel fuel spill

- WILLARD BAY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Willard Bay’s North Marina was opened this weekend much to the anticipation of locals.

People spent Saturday afternoon soaking up the sun near an area previously soaked by diesel fuel.

“It’s a great day for boating,” Centerville resident Afua Dains said. “It was fabulous.”

The opening of the North Marina comes four months after a Chevron pipeline bust leaked approximately 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel into the wetlands near the reservoir in March 2012.

Now the containment booms, absorbent pads and vacuum trucks are replaced with boaters, surfers and kids splashing in the water.

“I was really excited that the beach was open,” Alysson Dains said. “It’s always fun to play where the kids can touch and it was kind of frustrating when they couldn't play at the south marina.”

Chevron and the Division of Water Quality said the park is safe, but they are keeping the contaminated area fenced in until further notice.

The only ones still missing out on the action are the six beavers who were displaced by the spill. It’s likely the animals will not return to Willard Bay.

The animals are being cared for at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah. According to the WRCNU’s Facebook page, the state is set to investigate areas for the beavers to be released soon.

For locals, Willard Bay is back to being a summer tradition.

“It’s been really hot this summer so coming out to the lake has helped us beat the heat,” Martha Castillo said.

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